किचन का सामान लिस्ट in english

by Radhe

In a way, the only thing I can think of is, “You’re right, it’s time to go to bed.” But, if you want an excellent night’s sleep, why not go for it? Instead of having a long evening, get up and take a nap, which would be more enjoyable, it would make the biggest difference in your mood and quality of life.

I read a post by a writer once (on a thread on facebook) who said that she had gotten her own wake up call in her sleep, but that was only because she had left her phone with her boyfriend. The next morning she was still tired, but she was able to sleep longer. So, in my own opinion, its best to let go of the need to stay up all night to sleep longer.

I don’t know if its better to sleep or not (I have a friend who had a sleep disorder that made her sleep less and more fragmented, but she still felt better than most people I know). What I did notice though is that one of my co-workers who had been suffering from insomnia and wake up at night for years, was able to get out of bed and get up and work the rest of the day, almost as if it was a miracle.

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