apricot in telugu

by editor k

I’m a huge apricot fan and find it perfectly to go with almost anything I eat. It’s a light green color with a slightly sweet flavor and it can be made into a delicious, healthy dessert.

The apricot is a member of the plant family that includes sour oranges and lemons. The fruit can be found in many tropical countries, especially in India. It is a very popular ingredient in Indian cooking and is often used to make a sweet, sour pick-me-up drink called chutney.

One of the many things that I love about apricot is its flavor, which is a combination of citrus and honey. For the most part it is made from the seeds and flesh of the fruit. There is also a similar flavor in the apple, but it is very sweet, so make sure you use a fresh apple if you are making it.

The apple is pretty easy to grow as well. You can find the seeds of many types of apples, or you can plant them yourself, and when the fruit appears the following year you can harvest the seeds and be left with a new variety.

I love the fact that apricots are a tropical fruit. They grow in the tropics, but they are not tropical in many other respects. In fact, they can grow in temperatures ranging from 90°F to as high as 80°F during the day, and as low as -15°F at night. They thrive in areas where there is a lack of light, and are often found in South America and in parts of Africa.

The apricot is a very hardy fruit, and the seeds (which are very small) are very juicy. They are only really found in tropical areas and are often found in tropical climates. They do not take on the same qualities as the black currants or the kiwis, and in some cases, they are not available at all.

Apricots are quite tasty! Though, I don’t think I could ever eat an apricot. The problem is that the fruit can be quite bitter. So if you’re trying to eat a fruit that is quite bitter, you’ll have to be pretty careful. They can be found in most parts of the world, but are most commonly sold in South America.

In India, apricots are called “kadam” or “kadamba” (which translates to “apple” in English). In South America, the fruit is called “pêdo”. The problem is that the fruit seems to be quite bitter, so if youre trying to eat an apricot, you should be careful.

The problem with kadam and pdo is that most people in South America think of them as red or black. The fact is that they are actually green or yellow. They are very similar to apricots. In India, apricots are often called chutney or kadamba. In South America, they are called pdo, which is the same word as apricots.

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