bujji meaning in kannada

by editor k

bujjji is a word used in many south asian languages. it is a word used to describe the art of draping or painting cloth. bujjji is also used in the following sense: to be able to see a shape from different levels of distance or to see the whole picture. the word bujjji comes from the word bijji which is used to describe the art of painting.

bujjji is also another word used to mean an art form. bujjji is also another word used to mean an art form.

bujjji means to see something from a distance. bujjji is an art form.

In the film kannada, which was released in 2000, there are two scenes with the word bujji. The first scene is an entire scene where a young girl is dancing. In the second scene, which is a scene where the girl is reading, she says that the word bujji is the word her people use to describe how beautiful they are.

In the film, the girl is shown dancing, but she doesn’t actually use the word bujji. I think it’s the word she is reading that is the key. She is reading from the dictionary, and she is being asked to describe what a bujjji is, so she simply says the word “beautiful”.

The word bujji is used for women who are pretty and young. So when we see the girl dancing in the first scene, we see her using this word. And when we see her reading in the second scene, we can also assume that she uses the word pretty.

The word bujji itself is very common and has a very wide range of meanings. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single use of the word in a movie, but when I was a kid in India, it was used to refer to a very good wife for a husband. But it is almost like that only ever had a single meaning in the movie. But I think it has now become synonymous with beautiful.

The word bujji is used here in an interesting way. It’s used to refer to her as a beautiful woman in an otherwise depressing story. That’s why I feel like Ive seen a lot of movies with this word in it, and just how much of a woman she is, and how beautiful she is.

The word in all of these movies is a little more of a gender neutral word. Women are always at the front of the line when it comes to what she’s doing. And it’s not always something that comes naturally to the female audience. I remember an interview with the author of the book about this topic. There was a woman who used to be my wife and I was like, “I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time.

I think its a very different story that the author had in mind. In the case of women in a relationship, our female audience is usually aware of the issues, but not generally aware of its severity. For example, a lot of women can be very protective of their husbands and boyfriends. These men are often clueless about this. I think its not always that women are unaware of these issues, but it just doesn’t matter.

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