chakka meaning in english

by editor k

Some may see chakka as the name of a band. But I think it is the name of the fabric that is used by the chakkas. Also known as a chador, it is a long-sleeved cotton or linen sleeveless shirt worn by Muslim men and women. The word chakka is derived from the Arabic chakka, meaning a long garment.

Chakkas as well as chachi are the most common characters in the game. The reason for chachi to be used in the game is because a chachi is usually made from cotton or linen and has a long sleeves. Chachi are used in the “biggest” game because they are usually made from cotton or linen. If you want to see your chachi in action, you can see it in the game as a chachi with a long sleeves.

For more information on chachi, check out the wikipedia article.

You should definitely check out the chakka in the game, it’s really really cool.

It’s almost like a metaphor for the player-character interaction, but I think that’s just a metaphor for the player-character interaction. You may need to talk with the player, but the player is the other person.

The reason we call chachi chaya is that it’s the same thing. You will find that chachi chaya is a lot more than a chachi chaya, it’s one of the ways you see the chachi. And it’s really cool that you find the chachi in the game.

So what is the chakka? The chakka are the part of the character that lets you know that they are the same person. The first part is that they have the ability to teleport to any part of the map, even if that part is not in their current location. The second part is that the chakka can perform acts of magic, so they can summon the spirits of the dead to them.

In the original story, Arkane had a group of people who were actually trying to kill him, but he was not able to resist. Now, they’ve been to the island before and have a small party of people who are in the shadows, they’ve been locked in the shadows and there’s no sign of them. So it’s a sort of a story where the story goes to the end where they can become the protagonists.

People who call themselves chakka are usually people who seem to have magical powers or who are somehow connected to the dead. In this case, the chakka are people who try to summon the spirit of someone who died in the past or who has a connection with the past. People who call themselves chakka are often people who want to appear powerful that they are not, but only because they are trying to change the way the world works through their supernatural abilities.

The chakka are often not very good people. They often have a “bad” side and a “good” side, and often try to hide these sides from people who are not as aware as they are. Since they are usually a minority in society, they are often not very respected, and so they often get blamed for the terrible things people do.

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