chikoo in english

by editor k

A chikoo is a bird that has a nest on top of the tree.

Chikoo in an English setting? You mean a bird that nests on top of a tree? I thought birds did that in Japanese or some other language.

chikoo is a common word for a nest, but it can also be used in English to refer to a tree.

The term chikoo came from chikusei, which is the Japanese term for tree. We think of chikusei as being an older tree, but in Japanese it was the way a tree would be in a Japanese garden.

The English term chikoo is from a Japanese word meaning “dormant.” It also comes from the Japanese word chiko, which I’m pretty sure means “covertly” (which is a word we use to talk about when we’re on the roof of our home). It also comes from the Chinese word for tree, chih, which is the word for “coffin”.

Chikoo is a fun word to use because you can get to basically any situation you need to be in. You can be on a roof, in a room, in a house, or on the street. That being said, it can also be used to describe situations that are a bit more complex.

Chikoo is something that many people, myself included, take for granted. It’s almost like we’ve grown up with it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone outside in the neighborhood and seen a chikoo. It’s a great word to use because you can take it anywhere. It means to be in a place that’s dormant or to be waiting for something. A chikoo is a dormant place, or waiting for something.

It actually has a lot of meanings. If you think of it in the context of a place, it means to be in a place that is not being used. A place that has yet to be utilized. A place that has yet to be used for any purpose. In other words, a chikoo really means that you are waiting, or waiting for something. I could use a chikoo to describe an unoccupied room and wait for the door to open.

In English, chikoo is used as a verb, and as a noun. For example, chikoo is the verb to chikoo, which means to get in a room. To chikoo is the noun to chikoo, which means a place. For example, I can chikoo a room for a party. This is also the verb to chikoo, meaning to get a room ready. To chikoo is the noun to chikoo.

I’m not a native English speaker, so I used the first two letters of each word to try and get it right.

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