full form of ota in army

by Radhe

It’s a small army that is stationed in a few villages near the border of China where they are fighting for their country. This small army is the largest in Asia with about 40,000 soldiers, and the commander is none other than General Chen Zhong, the leader of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. He is the only person who holds the rank of general, and he has been in the service for over 30 years.

The army of the People’s Liberation Army consists of soldiers from various nationalities in China, and they have different opinions about how to fight the war. Some of them are the hard-core nationalists who believe in the fight for a communist state, and others are more tolerant of the war being a fight between different warring factions.

He is in the same league as the Chinese People Liberation Army, which is a very important topic. This doesn’t mean the army is the same as the People’s Liberation Army, just that they are both part of the Chinese Communist Party.

The reason the fight that we’re fighting for is between the People’s Liberation Army and the Maoist Party is because it’s really tough for the People’s Army to make a mistake and stop the war. It’s not like the People’s Liberation Army is a party that wants war with the Maoist Party, which is a very hard line to get a party line off of. They have their own political strategy, and they have their own ideology.

The reason that the battle between the Peoples Liberation Army and the Maoist Party is that it’s about the same level of war as the battle between the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of Vietnam. In fact, the Maoist Party, unlike the People’s Republic of China, can’t fight the Peoples Army and the People’s Liberation Army in the same battle. It has to die for it to win in the battle.

A great way to find out what the people of the Maoist Party really think about the Maoist Party is to ask people a bunch of questions. So if the Maoists are the Maoists, why aren’t they the People’s Liberation Army? That’s the question you were asked.

A lot of the time people ask me this question because their friends are killed in a battle. The reason why people ask me this question is because it gives me an instant idea of where the people of the Maoist Party are coming from. It also helps me to think about where they’re coming from.

The Maoist Party is a rebel organization in a country ruled by the ruling party. A lot of people are asking, “what are the people of the Maoist Party and what are the people that are fighting against the Maoist Party?” Well, the people that are fighting against the Maoist Party are part of the Communist Party and part of the government. They are not the same as the people that are fighting against Maoist terrorists.

Some of us are fighting against the government because of the government’s policies toward what they consider to be their enemy, rather than because of the laws that the government is making against them. So, the Maoist Party aren’t the cause of the violence that is occurring in India. However, the people that are fighting the Maoist Party are part of the government.

While the government’s policies towards the Maoist terrorists are not exactly violent, it’s clear that the government is not taking the same actions that the Maoist terrorists are taking. For example, it’s not clear from the government’s actions that the government is taking the same action against the Maoist terrorists that it is doing against the Maoist terrorists.

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