green gram in hindi

by editor k

If you have been curious about making green gram in this way, then this is the recipe for you. If you could learn how to make this recipe on a regular basis, you would not only have a new recipe to add to your cookbook, but also would know that you can make it at home and that it is good for you.

This is one of the things that many Indian cooks struggle with. And it is a mystery why, when this recipe is first posted online it takes so long for people to make it. But the truth is that not everyone has the courage to make it because making it at home is the easy way out.

So, here is the recipe for you: this time of year is the time when most of us have a lot of green gram. All that green gram gives us is a lot of green gram, which is good for our health and our waistlines, but there is one ingredient that is very tricky to find: green gram is easy to get, but difficult to eat. And when you do, you will be presented with a very delicious green gram “soup.

Yes! There are green gram soup recipes on our website.

The first time you eat your green gram soup, you are presented with a large green green gram. This small green gram appears to be a part of the green gram, but is actually not. It is actually a very small part of green gram and it is made up of the other ingredients. Green gram soup is a very easy and delicious way to eat your green gram.

The green gram is actually a very cheap way to eat your green gram. It’s very easy to find. It’s just a small piece of green gram; it’s just a piece of green gram. It’s also a very convenient way to make your own green gram.

The green gram is, in fact, a very cheap way to make your own green gram. Its very easy to find. Its just a small piece of green gram its just a piece of green gram. Its also a very convenient way to make your own green gram.

The green gram is a snack made from the roots of spinach, and it’s very easy to make at home. Green gram can be made in much the same way that any other vegetable can be made by soaking it in water and then boiling it. The important thing to note is that this process is so easy that even the average green gram can be made by a few people if they’re willing to put in the effort.

Green gram is one of the easiest ways to make green gram you can buy in bulk and save money. And that’s not even the part that’s easy. That’s the part where you have to know how to make green gram. That’s like knowing how to make a bagel.

The main problem with making green gram is that it is usually sold out of the factory. This means that it is difficult to obtain. It is sold through online sources but the chances are higher that you will see it at a grocery store. So how do you find it? Well you probably know the answer to that. I was reading a blog post the other day and someone asked how to find green gram in India.

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