information about parrot in marathi

by editor k

There are two main categories for parrot in Marathi: one that is just as good as the other, and one that is better off in the long run. Marathi is an important language for us, as we are learning to speak it. It is a way to talk to our children about the meaning of life. We are encouraged to express our thoughts and feelings through our parrot.

If we are not able to speak Marathi, we can’t understand the language.

The most common language in Marathi is spoken with a voice. It’s like any other language in the language. The most common language of the Marathi language is spoken with a voice. The language is usually spoken without being spoken, but as a rule, English is spoken with a voice.

When speaking English, you may even say “I am English.” This is a good thing, because it is a good way to talk to your children and help them understand the meaning of the language.

And speaking in English, you might say, “I am from the Indian government. I am also from my home state.” This is because English is a state language (although it’s not a common one), and there are about 300 different Indian states. The government is a government, but it is also a country, so there are many words used that are used throughout the country.

The parrot is an endangered species, but that doesn’t mean we should just take things for granted. Parrots are still being persecuted in many parts of the world, and especially in countries where people feel threatened by wild parrots. Parrots are called “vultures” in some parts of India, and “parrot” in others.

Parrots are the most feared species on the planet, and these Parrots look like they’re going to die. Their behavior is the same as that of all the other creatures on Earth, and they’re one of the most aggressive on us. If they weren’t there, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all dead.

When a young person, especially a child, encounters a parrot in the wild, it is almost always a threat. The parrot is a very aggressive animal, and can easily bite, kick, and even claw. It has a great sense of smell and is very aggressive when it comes in contact with other animals. It is also a very intelligent animal, and its brain is so powerful that it has been said that when it makes a decision its head is the final judge.

In this video the video game developer and parrot enthusiast, Marathi, says that parrots are intelligent, they like to stay in groups, and they are afraid of getting hurt by humans. Some people even call it “the bravest animal.” Some of the other reasons people have for not liking parrots is that they can bite, they can be aggressive towards other animals (think of the way parrots can attack a cat) and they can also be very destructive too.

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