krishna ji ki dp

by Radhe

The idea of knowing your dharma is a concept that is extremely difficult to practice. I think we all have this idea that the dharma is what we put into our “selfs” and then have it be our default. What we do with our dharma is up to us. To me, this is what self-awareness is about.

Self-awareness is the ability to see ourselves as we are, to see how we’re interpreting the world around us. It’s about knowing our dharma, what we want to accomplish. But it’s also about knowing how to be the best version of us that we can be.

The concept of self-awareness doesn’t really exist in the same category as self-love. Self-love is about loving ourselves for who we are, but it doesn’t include seeing ourselves as we are. Self-awareness is about the ability to see ourselves in the way we want to see ourselves.

The word “self” is a loaded one in that it means “who or what” and can refer to the self as a personality or mind. But you can also take the word to mean the self as a whole, as the self of a person or an organization.

The term self has been out for a while, but it’s still useful. So we want to know who is who. People are a little bit weird when they talk about themselves, but the main thing is to know who they are. We’re not like the rest of the world. We’re not scared of what we do.

We’re talking about people who are self-aware, people who know themselves and their surroundings and what they are doing. If you’re like the rest of the world, you may not like the way you are or the way you do things. That’s okay. The fact is we’re all people. It’s natural. But the first thing to understand is that the people who are most self-aware are also the most self-critical.

And that may just be why we never get to see the people we love, the ones we don’t like, the ones who are most self-critical.

The self-aware are the people who don’t take themselves too seriously, or take themselves too seriously, and take themselves too seriously. That makes them easy to misunderstand. You can’t be more self-critical than everyone else. But the people who seem to understand themselves the best are also the people who know the most. And maybe those people are the ones we always see in the world.

There is a lot of truth to that. I think one of the most important things we do when we are self-aware is to recognize that no one else knows your secrets the way you do.

I think we are all made of the same stuff. We all have the same experiences and we all have experiences that go unnoticed. But there is no point in pretending that everyone else is the same.

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