outside inside book

by Radhe

The book is inside the outside.

I’m going to put this as a joke, but it is true. I’ve started to learn French like a native, and I’m pretty excited about it. This means I probably need to get better at reading in French.

I just got back from a month long family vacation to Paris in June, and I couldn’t be more excited about going back next month! But there’s one thing that I will be learning during that vacation that I need to be better at, and that is reading in French. The only way I will ever be able to read in French is if my mother is like, “Well, you can’t read in German, so you’re just going to have to copy French instead.

Sounds like a plan, but only if you can make sure that the French word for the city you are in is the same as the French word for the city you are in, so that you can refer to the whole trip in French. Or not.

We had this idea for a while, but since we have a French family of five and a Portuguese family of three, we decided that we should just focus on French books first. The reason being, a lot of the books we wanted to read are in French, but we can’t read them in English because they are in French-only format.

This is a great example of why writing in English is important. You cant understand French because you are hearing it in English, and you are hearing it in English because you are hearing it in English because you are hearing it in English.

Like many other English-language books, there’s also a lot of French in the way the book is written. There are a lot of words that look the same, but are in two different forms. This is often called double meaning, and it’s a huge problem. The problem is that you cant always guess what the book is trying to say.

The problem is that most of these words aren’t really double meaning. Most people think that they are, and that’s great. But I would argue that most people are not actually aware of double meaning. In fact, I can go on and on and on with the problem of these words being the same, but only being in two different forms. So it is a huge problem.

I have a very hard time getting this point across. So when I started I thought I would never understand it but I did. I am a bit of a masochist. But when I do understand it, I am also a bit of a masochist.

I don’t think this is true. I think most people are aware of the double meaning of these words. But the problem is that we forget about it. I don’t think we know that we are talking about the same word. But I am right. Because in the dictionary, they both mean the same.

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