some pictures of krishna

by Radhe

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Krishna in the internet. I’ve even posted some of my favorites at Krishna and I are very similar in our aesthetic, as both of us are huge fans of red and orange.

I think Krishna is a very interesting person. First of all, most of the stuff you see in the internet about Krishna, is either just his physical appearance or very poor attempts at drawing him. I mean, I don’t know what his age is or where he’s from, but I’ve found several pictures of him online that paint him as some kind of medieval legend. I’ve also read a couple of comments on facebook which talk about how he’s a huge fan of the Ramayana.

I think Krishna is a real person. He is actually a lot more than just a fictional character drawn from the Ramayana. Krishna is the son of an old man who was born on earth, and was put on this life of living as an animal. Krishna is not from this world. He is an avatar (a messenger of the god Shiva) sent to Earth to help him. And he is a great singer and dancer.

I thought that this was the biggest joke of the trailer. He looks like a little monkey (or a monkey with a monkey face), and talks like a crazy old man. He always seems to be singing and dancing. The rest of his character is a bit of a mystery as I can’t really say that I know of anyone who knows much about him.

And he is not alone. He is part of a group of about a hundred of gods and goddesses that populate the world. Each one of these gods and goddesses have some sort of special power or ability. Krishna, the god of music, dance, and song, is the god that has the most special powers. He can summon the moon to his feet as he sings to it. He can speak through the wind as he dances.

We’ll have other videos to look at, but I think we’ll still find a few more.

Now that I’ve gone over a bunch of the images on Krishna, I am not going to go through the rest of the videos. There are so many I don’t know where to begin. I’m sure someone has done at least a little research. As the name suggests, he has a lot of power. Even though he is the god of music, dance, and song, he is also the god of love and romance. He also has a lot of weird powers.

In a video, you can see the god of love and romance dancing and even getting his groove on with the wind.

Krishna’s powers are something you get to see in many of the video clips, but they aren’t the only weird powers he has. Even though I like Keshi (the guy in the video) and can see him dancing, he can also make people lose their minds and make people dance and even do things for him. He is the god of good luck, but also the god of the dead.

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