the food synthesised by the plants is stored as

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the food synthesised by the plants is stored as carbon dioxide and water. It’s this stored fluid that gives plants their essential structure.

Carbon dioxide and water are common gases in the wild. Carbon dioxide is in the form of carbon monoxide, which is common in the atmosphere and is a good thing. Carbon dioxide is also one of the easiest ways to get fertilizer, particularly if you grow your own plants (although the soil is a bit more challenging). Water is a slightly more difficult process, but can also be a good thing.

Plants can be used to synthesize food in various ways. For example, they can be used to make fertilizer and it is stored in the soil to help plants grow. They can also be used to make food in a slightly different form, as shown in the video. In this case, the food is stored in the leaves of the plant, which are then used to synthesize plant proteins.

Plants can also be used to help us digest and absorb nutrients, just like animals. The way in which plants absorb and process food is a bit tricky to explain without a video. So, I’ll use this one: Plants, like animals, are able to synthesize substances from food. For example, plants can store enzymes that break down proteins. This is known as the “proteolytic process.

The food is stored as plants, so you can’t make it to a plant. In this case, you can’t make it to a plant from the plants anyway. I just made this up.

Plants are one of our greatest gifts when we get old. There is a saying that people have a lot of fun in their life. In fact, the first time anyone actually got to eat plants was when they were old enough to enjoy a beer. So they ate all the plants they could find and all that, until they were about four years old, and when they had two or three drinks they were at least about three years old.

For a lot of the rest of us, plants are not a great gift, either. We often want to get our hands on something nice, like a nice steak, but we just can’t. In fact, the only way to get a steak is to go to a steak house. At least this is how I think about it.

That’s because there are always exceptions to the rule. Plants are not limited to a specific age or size, and they can grow to be quite a bit bigger than our human bodies. But they’re very, very strong and can withstand a lot of punishment. The plants that we eat today are not so much as plants, but as vegetables. We’re just eating plants. Their food is basically plants.

So you can get a steak, but you have to go to a steak house to get a steak. Or maybe you can get a steak at a steak house, but you can eat it at home. If you want to get a steak, you have to go to a steak house. It doesnt make any sense to me.

The point is that you can eat an apple, but it might come with an apple sauce. Or you can eat an apple, but you have to sit down with an apple and eat it with an apple sauce.

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