the instrument used for measuring electric current is

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it is a galvanometer. This device measures the current through a wire and displays a voltage, resistance, or current. The current is a measurement of the flow of energy through a conductor. It ranges from.010 to.01 A.

The galvanometer is a device used in the electrical industry to measure the current by passing a wire through the center of a circular coil of wire. It measures the current and voltage by the rate at which the current flows through this wire. It has a range from 10 to 1000 A.

For the past 60 years, the device has been a favorite tool of engineers and scientists. It has been used to explore the properties and behavior of electrical currents. It is the world’s first instrument that can measure both the current and the voltage of an electrical current.

The current and voltage measurements are not really related. The current in an electrical circuit is the rate of change of energy; the voltage is the amount of electrical potential energy in a circuit. But the current can be measured by passing a wire through the center of a wire coil, and the voltage can be measured by measuring current going through the wire. With either type of measurement, you can make a number of comparisons between circuits. For example, if you know that a current of 1.

A, or at a specific point, can be measured by measuring the voltage on a wire. If you know that a voltage of 1,000 volts is being applied to the wire, that means that the voltage will be 1,000 times the voltage of the wire being measured.

The wire-to-wire measurement is called a “voltmeter”, and the current-to-voltage measurement is called a “mains-to-mains” measurement. The difference between the two is that the mains-to-mains measurement is a direct measurement, whereas the voltmeter is an indirect measurement.

A voltmeter is used to determine the amount of charge stored in a battery. A mains-to-mains measurement is used to determine the amount of current being transferred through a wire.

That’s one of those things that’s hard to explain, but basically you need to be using a voltmeter to measure the voltage between two wires. I’m not saying to have a long story about how you have to find the wires to measure the voltage, but I’ll give you the general idea. First, you have to find the wire that connects the two points of connection. Then, you have to measure the voltage between the two points.

A voltmeter uses a small electric probe to measure the voltage between two points. The two probes are connected with a lead wire. As you measure the voltage, you will get a voltage reading. You can put a voltmeter on a wire and find where the voltage is.

An electric current meter uses a small meter to measure the current flowing between two points. You have to connect two points with a lead wire and connect the meter to the two points. As you measure the current, you will get a current reading. You can place a meter on a wire and find the current.

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