Unfinished Enterprise Ffbe

by Sophia Jennifer

Talented White MageURWhite MageWindSummonA white mage from a continent other than Ardra. She was born with a rare talent for magic, unmanageable by these around her. However, after being discovered by a certain hxh season 5 episode 1 touring mage, her magic ability was in a place to blossom. While she’s extremely gifted, she may additionally be a bit of an airhead.

Night’s Blessed MageMRSorceressFireCollaboration PresentHer penchant for pragmatism is matched solely by her thirst for knowledge. Though she is renowned for her consummate mastery of white magic, she now turns to the darkish arts that she would possibly better contend with the challenges that lie forward. Master MachinistMRMachinistEarthCollaboration SummonA younger man employed within the mines of the Clockwork City of Goug with a knack for wielding mechanical pistols. After unearthing one such stone in the mines, he finds himself relentlessly pursued by the notorious Baert Trading Company and is ultimately rescued by Ramza. Wise Believer in BondsMRRangerWindSummonThe new chieftainess of Gouga. She was appointed by the earlier chieftain out of concern for the future of the village following its descent right into a self-serving band of murderers.

Despite collaborating in Rundall’s assault on Ovis castle, he leaves the entrance line to pursue Deah, who was heading to Hourne to collect reinforcements. A womanizer through and through, he became a dragoon because he thought that would finest ensure his reputation with the women. WaterCollaboration SummonA younger lady from a distant world who’s embroiled in a struggle to save the planet. Contrary to her candy appearance, she is plucky with a strong will because of her upbringing within the undercity. She met Cloud while promoting flowers in Sector eight, and the 2 had been later reunited on the church in Sector 5 the place she requested him to be her bodyguard.

After being swept away from his residence of Zanarkand and subsequently landing on the planet of Spira, Tidus washes ashore at Besaid Island. There he meets a newly anointed young summoner named Yuna and joins her on a journey to defeat the eternal fiend Sin. Girl with the Power of MagicURMagitek EliteFireCollaboration SummonA young girl from a faraway world, born with magical powers, who became concerned in the tale of the espers and humans. She was used as a software for destruction by the Gestahlian Empire, which sought to subjugate the world. In the coal mining town of Narshe, she meets a younger adventurer named Locke who invites her to join the Returners and fight towards the Empire.

Kind Young LionSRKnightEarthSummonA knight from Leonis’s second division, «Caelum», who is often a laid-back gourmand. However, when his companions are in peril, he transforms utterly into a valiant warrior. Mont’s childhood pal, Mont requested him to join in the course of the establishment of «Caelum». Restoration LeaderRBlack MageFireSummonA black mage from the northern kingdom of Ovis.

Judge in WhiteURKnightDarkSummonA girl created by Sadali who constantly follows him round like a shadow, performing as his personal guard. Her blood-red lips communicate no words but are mentioned to kind right into a half-smile after she slaughters someone who has wronged her grasp. Harmonious LeaderURBlack MageLightningSummonThe young new leader of Saiga. Though there have been hostile relations with Gouga, the other shinobi village, he is working in the course of uniting the two into a unified nation. As his lover is the new chieftainess of Gouga, Loreila, he thought that the villages have been quickly to be united. WindSummonFounder of the Church of the Crystal, a faith with countless followers.

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Master of ArithmeticURArithmeticianWaterSummonAn arithmetician of Leonis, she dreamed of following in her late mother’s footsteps and turning into a tactician. However, Queen Helena nervous for her security and appointed her manager of Leonis’ finances instead. She believes that mathematics can change the course of battle.