valency of no3

by editor k

So I guess the question to answer is “How do we know which one of multiple levels of self-awareness to use when making our decisions?” The answer is that we’ve been talking about the valency of no3 for a while now.

Valency is the feeling of being on the edge of your seat for a while and not really feeling the need to be able to do a thing. This is pretty much a good thing if the people you are talking to are the ones who are very likely to be able to feel the need to be able to do a thing.

We’ve been talking about no3 because we’ve been getting a lot of questions from players about this. No3 is a game where you play a villain who is essentially stuck in a time loop. He is tied to a giant ball of yarn and a bunch of other people who are tied to the ball of yarn and are required to do things for him in order to move forward in time.

The first thing we wanted to do was to fix the time loop. Since its time loop is created by someone who is in a time loop and can sense when he is in a time loop it would be very hard to change the time loop without breaking the game.

So when we created the time loop, we didn’t do it just so No3 could keep playing the game. We also wanted to make it so No3 could take a break from time travel by the game, and we also wanted to make sure that No3 was not tied to the balls of yarn. So instead of him running around pulling people through the time loop, we decided to make him stand still with a ball of yarn in his hand and watch others time through.

The game has been changed to make it more of a time loop.

There’s a lot more to it. As you can see, the main idea is to make the time loop more like a puzzle while still giving the players an idea of what to do with the time loop. We’ll see what happens in the next four-part trailer.

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