what has a head and a tail but no body or legs

by editor k

A head and a tail isn’t a thing to be afraid of, but it can be a very important thing when it comes to a new home. A head and a tail aren’t one thing, they are two things.

Your head is a place to put your personality. Your head is the thing that you do with your life. Your head is the reason you even live. Your head is the way you look at things. When you move into a new house, it is important that you consider the size of your head. It is important to consider the placement of your head, and the shape and size of your head.

A head and a tail are part of a person. When a new homeowner buys a house it is important to consider the size of the head and the shape and size of the head. A good way to do this is to try to find a house in the same general area as a friend’s house. This should also include whether the new homeowner has any family or friends in the area, as well as the current status of the house.

For instance, a person with a large head should consider the home’s neighbors. If you have a large head you are more likely to have neighbors who like to sit around and drink and gossip about the latest pop-culture news, but if you have a small or average head your neighbors will probably not be as outgoing as you are.

Another way that people with large heads tend to be less likely to have neighbors is because they tend to be more introverted. Small heads can be more outgoing.

Of course, this is only true for people with large heads. People with smaller heads can have more positive neighbors. A person with a smaller head should consider the height of their neighbors. If you have a small head or a high-flying head, you are probably a bit more social than average.

I think most people with large heads are introverts in the same way that most people with small heads are extroverts. This is because large heads are more obvious, and people who wear large heads, especially women, are more easily identifiable. Small heads get people to notice them. If you have a small head, you are probably not a social person.

The only people who have large heads are people like me, and we tend to prefer small heads. I think the reason for this is that large heads are more difficult to hide and therefore more likely to be noticed. In this case, small heads are easier to hide, and therefore easier to be noticed. If you have a small head, your friends don’t know you’re here, and you don’t need to hide it.

Large heads are not necessarily bad. They are just not as easy to notice. Because most people are small-headed, we tend to miss them.

I don’t mean to be a downer, but I do think that people with large heads tend to be more visible. Like my friends and I are both large headed, and I often get asked about them by other people. I’m sure most people are small headed, but I think the difference is a subconscious one that causes us to be more visible.

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